Measurement & Control Instruments &Valves & Process Equipment


Chart & Paperless Recorders
Data Acquisition Systems
Pressure, D.P., & Temp.Transmitters
Magnetic & Vortex Flowmeters
Rotomass Mass Flowmeters
pH, Conductivity, & DO Liquid Analyzers
In-Situ Oxygen & Humidity Analyzers
Distributed Control Systems
1/4, 1/8, 1/16 DIN Controllers & Indicators
Programmable Dual Loop Controllers
Signal Conditioners


Point Level Switches for Liquids & Solids
Ultrasonic, Radar, Capacitance Level
Nuclear Density & Level Systems


Thermocouple & RTD Sensors & Wells
Thermocouple Wire & Digital Indicators
Temperature Transmitters


Flame Scanners & Amplifers
Flame Safeguard Monitors & Boiler Controls
Portable Flue Gas Analyzers


Water Quality Analyzers for DO, Silica, Sodium,
Ammonia, Chlorides, Oxygen Scavenger,
Calcium, Fluorides, Chlorine


High Perf. Trunnion-Mounted Ball Valves
Manual,Pneumatic & Electric Actuation

Rotary Meters & Meter Sets for Natural Gas
Instrumentation, Provers, & AMR Adapters

Steam and Hot Water Conditioning Systems
Product Coolers & Samplers, Heat Exchangers
Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery Systems

Digital Bargraph Displays


Variable Area Flowmeters & Switches
Insertion Turbine Flowmeters


Lightning and Surge Protection for Power,
Instrumentation & Communication

Control Center Consoles


Redundant Power Conditioners, Auto
Terminating Device Couplers, and Patented
Route-Master I.S. Power Supplies


Generator Gas Analyzers & Systems
Generator Condition Monitors & Gen-Tags
Generator Gas Dryers & Gas Stations


High Performance Severe Service
Control Valves
Globe, Camflex, Butterfly, Ball
Control Valves
Regulators, Liquid Level Control
Smart Positioners
Valve Diagnostics

Control Valve Regulators & Actuators
Instrumentation for Natural Gas

Flexflo Pilot Operated Regulators for
Natural Gas, Water and Other Liquids
Flexflo Surge Relievers

Gas-Burner Shutoff Valve Systems
Oil-Fired Burner/Igniter Valve Systems

Desuperheaters, Heaters
Exhausters, Compressors
Vacuum Pumps, Condensers, Scrubbers
Turbine Flow Meters

In-Situ & Extractive Gas Analysis for NO, NO2
NH3, SO2,CO,CO2,O2,Hg, and others
Dust  Measurement and Volumetric Flow



Flowgrid & Flowmax Pilot Operated Regulators for Gas, Water and other Liquids
Flowtap Regulators for Natural Gas

Manual Ball Valves
Automated Ball Valve Packages
Electric Actuators
Rack and Pinion Actuators
Valve Control Accessories

Discrete Valve Controllers and Monitors
Foundation Fieldbus, AS-i bus, DeviceNet,   Profibus, and Modbus Capable Devices
Masters, Gateways, Power Supplies, and other accessories
Position Sensing Solutions

Solenoid Valves
Process Valves & Sensors
Pneumatic Actuation

Electric Actuators & controls for Multi-turn,
Part-turn, Lever & Linear Valves
Multi-turn and Part-turn Gearboxes

Cash Valve
Pressure Regulators & Back Pressure Valves
Temperature Regulators
Cryogenic Controls

Industrial License-Free Wireless Radio
Modems & Antennas Supporting Serial
and Ethernet Networks

Industrial Hardened Level II Ethernet
Switches for Copper & Fiber

Resilient seated butterfly valves
High Performance butterfly valves
Pneumatic and Electric Actuators


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