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Classic Controls is a total solutions, single-source provider of industrial process instruments serving Florida, southern Georgia, and the entire Caribbean. Along with representing “best-in-class” manufacturers, Classic Control's employees are people driven by total customer satisfaction, with a field salesforce who are technically strong, conscientious, and who can properly apply, train, and support the products they apply.

Headquartered conveniently in Lakeland Florida, Classic Controls maintains a spacious, modern facility with ample warehousing, machine shop, production area, and QC/testing capabilities.

Delivering Top-Quality Valves, Instruments, and Controls with Exceptional Customer Support in Florida, South Georgia, Caribbean, and Puerto Rico

In the areas that Classic Controls serves, a diverse array of flourishing industries, such as tourism, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and aviation, marine and maritime, renewable energy, offshore oil & gas, and refining, thrive. Classic Controls, Inc., a premier provider of top-notch process instrumentation and industrial valves, is instrumental in bolstering and improving the effectiveness and safety of these sectors.

The tourism industry significantly contributes to the economies of Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean, drawing countless visitors with their stunning beaches, captivating natural landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. Classic Controls is critical in ensuring water treatment plants are equipped with vital process control and safety systems, guaranteeing a reliable supply of clean water and proper wastewater management for various tourist accommodations.

In these regions, agriculture is another primary sector. Florida is renowned for its citrus fruits, vegetables, and sugar cane, while the Caribbean is famous for tropical fruits, sugar, and coffee production. Puerto Rico boasts a versatile agricultural landscape featuring coffee, sugarcane, and tropical fruits. Classic Controls, Inc. provides diverse process instrumentation and valves, assisting farmers and farming businesses in overseeing, managing, and enhancing irrigation systems, water management, and crop processing facilities.

Puerto Rico's pharmaceutical industry is critically important, hosting numerous manufacturing facilities operated by major multinational corporations. Classic Controls, Inc. delivers dependable process control solutions, instrumentation, and industrial valves that ensure these facilities meet rigorous quality and safety requirements.

The aerospace and aviation sectors are crucial to Florida's economy, with the presence of NASA's Kennedy Space Center and various private aerospace companies. Classic Controls, Inc. offers indispensable fuel, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems components, guaranteeing the secure and efficient functioning of aircraft and spacecraft.

Marine and maritime industries are essential in Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean, characterized by abundant ports, shipyards, and marinas. Classic Controls, Inc. supplies top-tier valves and instrumentation for ship construction, repair, and maintenance, as well as for port infrastructures and offshore oil and gas platforms.

The offshore oil and gas sector, along with refining, significantly impacts the economies of certain Caribbean regions. Trinidad and Tobago, situated in the southern Caribbean, boasts a well-established offshore oil and gas industry. The country has been extracting oil and gas from offshore fields for many years, making it the leading hydrocarbon producer in the Caribbean. Although not technically part of the Caribbean, Guyana, located on the northeastern coast of South America, has recently emerged as a significant player in the offshore oil industry. Classic Controls, Inc. furnishes superior process instrumentation and industrial valves, facilitating the secure and efficient operation of offshore drilling rigs, production platforms, and refineries. Classic Controls products enable companies to uphold stringent safety and environmental guidelines, mitigate operational hazards, and streamline production processes.

Renewable energy sources, particularly solar and wind power, are gaining traction in Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean as sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuels. Classic Controls, Inc. delivers state-of-the-art process control systems and valves for solar power plants, wind farms, and other renewable energy initiatives, ensuring peak performance and dependability.

The Sales Engineers at Classic Controls are a valuable asset to their clients. They offer customized engineering services and application support through their wide-ranging knowledge and expertise in various engineering disciplines. By closely collaborating with clients to comprehend their distinct needs, they provide tailored solutions that bolster efficiency, decrease expenses, and improve safety across the various industries in Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean region. Classic Controls, Inc. is a favored partner for exceptional process instrumentation and industrial valves in the area, thanks to their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and enduring relationships.


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